ebooks are books that are copied and downloaded electronically. An ebook is extremely convenient,because you can begin reading as soon as you purchase and download it. Amazingly, ebooks are so portable that you can virtually store an entire library on your Kindle, iPad, or any other computer device with enough hard drive space.

Certain ebooks incorporate security settings to prevent piracy, printing, or copying and will restrict the number of different devices that will be downloading the ebook.


Most of the ebooks give legal protection to their authors. This legal protection restricts the ways an is used and distributed. The sale of ebooks is intended for your personal reading only, and should not be distributed, sold, or copied in any way. Doing so may result in a breach against the author’s or publisher’s copyright restrictions.

Territorial Availability

Due to territorial rights, some ebooks are not permitted to be sold in certain regions of the world. In that respect, the publisher who supplies the ebook only has the rights to sell their ebooks in designated geographical territories. This may result in you not being able to buy the ebook you want in your country. However, there will be a local publisher with the rights to publish in your country, but they probably haven’t released it as an ebook. This situation is most common with consumer-based book categories as in: fiction, self-help, and biography. Other categories such as: scholastic, education, and profession books are not affected, because they are published globally.

Printing, Copy and Paste

In order to discourage illegal redistribution, it may not possible to print the whole book in one session. These restrictions are mostly for commercially distributed ebooks.

The publisher of the book gets to decide if the book can be printed or copied and pasted. If the publisher decides to permit these actions, they will then decide how much of the ebook can be printed or copied. Most publishers will allow a reasonable amount of printing and copying.

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