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How Reading Online is Better than Reading a Book

Society owes much credit to books and what they have expressed and taught us for thousands of years. For the longest time, a book has been a portable fountain of words and wisdom that one could carry along and read almost anywhere they went. As creatures of habit, we have become attached to books, because they provide us with that warmth and comfort we appreciate so much while being engrossed in their stories. So, why ruin a perfect relationship by downloading books? Why give up the ultimate tangible experience of reading while touching the fibrous words with your index finger? Well, a few reasons may help break that habit: instant access, no physical storage is required, and you can take all of them with you.

Reading online and downloading books are the fastest, easiest, and, most of the time, least expensive ways to get the book that you want. Online book stores, and even libraries, have electronic copies of just about every book or piece of published reading material that you can fathom. With today’s technology it seems crazy to have to drive to a bookstore, ask for assistance to find the book you are looking for, then, wait in line to buy it at a high price.

It’s nice to keep good, important books to either read again or pass on to others that will appreciate them. Most avid readers do have a book shelf to store their encyclopaedias, best novels, and educational books. Unfortunately, book storage can require a lot of space, so it may require the reader get rid of some of the old to make room for the new. You won’t come across this dilemma with online book reading and downloaded books storage, because thousands of books can be downloaded onto one hard drive. You are just one click away from having dust free reading.

A back pack or hand bag is only big enough to comfortably carry so many books, so that may limit you to what you can read on that long trip. Wouldn’t it be a great thing to have thousands of books that fit in the palm of your hand and weigh less than one book by itself? Indeed, it is great, and this technology has been happening for some time now. With this instant access to a variety of electronic books, you will never run out of words to read.

These are only a few good reasons to give up paper for electronic reading. Just think of how much paper and natural resources you can save by reading books that don’t require limited materials. It’s not only more convenient for you- it’s more convenient for our planet.

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